Quick facts

Listed on AIM2003
Entered FTSE 2502005
Entered FTSE 1002012Left in 2014 after special dividend
£3.6 billion of shareholder investment increased to£8.6 billion

More on our History

Investor opportunity – a two way bet

Melrose aims to create significant gains by increasing the value of the businesses currently owned through substantial investment, and by seeking to make suitable acquisitions which have attractive potential rewards.

Track record (Oct 2003 – Feb 2018)

  • £13 million market cap to £4.3 billion in 15 years
  • £5.0 billion of shareholder value created
  • Average annual return on investment 25%*
  • £3.6 billion of shareholder investment increased to £8.6 billion
* Since the first deal in 2005
Total Melrose track record

FKI 2008 / Present

On track to approximately triple shareholder value

Elster 2012 / 2015

Shareholder value increased by £1.5bn in three years

Dynacast 2005 / 2011

Shareholder value quadrupled in six years

McKechnie 2005 / 2007

Shareholder value doubled in 18 months